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After kitchens, bathrooms are the next most common remodeling project that homeowners consider. Also like kitchens, there is a plethora of design ideas and luxuries that homeowners can pour over for inspiration, especially for remodeling the master bathroom. Nothing feels better than imagining a home spa and atmosphere of retreat—a personal space to cleanse, relax, and wash the physical and psychological stresses away. Modern bathrooms are still designed to be efficient and functional, but more emphasis is being placed on the aesthetics, style, and overall "feel" of the room than in years past. According to a recent Houzz survey, "90 percent of homeowners who renovate their master bathrooms change the style of their master bathrooms when they upgrade. Beyond specific features or decor choices, the most appreciated design aspects of renovated master bathrooms are their style and beauty," per the survey. The top three styles? Contemporary (1), Traditional (2), and Transitional (3). But like any remodeling project, there are basics and budgets homeowners should prioritize so they are not (too) carried away with beautiful visions of their dream oasis.


Our clients have been split relatively evenly as to why they are renovating their bathrooms—half for updating the look with modern fixtures, materials, and technologies, and the other half for ergonomics, efficiency, and increased space. Of course, there are clients that fall somewhere between these two motivations, needing their bathroom to work better and be beautiful, and this often depends on which bathroom they need to change. The clients needing to drastically change the layout usually have a larger budget, as changing the footprint often means taking down walls and moving the existing plumbing and wiring, which always increases the cost of the project. Additionally, it has been our experience that those clients with more complicated renovations tend to consult with a bathroom designer to rearrange the space in a creative way to maximize functionality and efficiency. On the flip side, when our clients know what they want in a cosmetic upgrade to their space, they are less likely to seek design services and come straight to us for construction. The best bathroom designers are the ones that are well versed in bathroom measurements, standards, and building codes and bring ideas to our clients they may never have even considered before, like adding windows or skylights to increase natural light, re-wiring the space to accommodate washers/dryers, and helping older clients design for the future so they can age in place. From a construction management standpoint, complex projects are simplified with the help of a designer because they help homeowners choose selections in a timely manner and help contractors stay on the construction schedule by managing the material orders, ensuring correct quantities, sizes, lead times, delivery and installations. Whether it is a master bathroom, a kid's bathroom, or a powder room; whether a designer has been hired or not; and whether the scope is an addition or a remodel, Dynan Construction Management can help you budget, build, and ultimately enjoy the bathroom that suits your needs.

Remodeling Basics for the Bathroom

Bathroom remodelIt's important to know what you want before you ask Dynan Construction to put a price on it. Our most successful projects, those that are delivered on time and within the budget, had knowledgeable clients armed with good plans and reasonable expectations. We appreciate it when clients approach us with pictures from home decor magazines, links to bathroom design ideas on the web and tile samples from home improvement stores. The more information we have ahead of time, the more accurate the estimate, the easier it is to create a realistic budget, and the more likely it is that your bathroom will turn out exactly how you want it. We recommend browsing online remodeling articles from Houzz and HGTV to learn more about these essential elements of bathroom design and help you plan your project.

Plumbing fixtures are the number one priority—your new bathroom must be functional. To minimize going over budget and feeling overwhelmed with selecting the aesthetic details of the new space, focus on the more practical, essential plumbing items first. Think quality, accessibility and maintenance; Who is using the bathroom and what do they need from the following:

Next, plan for Cabinetry, Shelving, and Storage. Vanities, closets, built-ins, cubbies and nooks need to accommodate all your stuff (while keeping everything easily accessible), fit into the available space and make the most of it, help you stay organized, and should look stylish too.  Master and Full baths tend to need more storage, so hardworking (storing) vanities are good choices there, while powder baths need less and can often get by with a few shelves or a tall, single floor cabinet. Consider creative cabinetry ideas like hideaway hampers, outlets built into the cabinetry for hidden storage of vanity appliances that need to charge (i.e. toothbrushes and razors), motion-sensor backlit medicine cabinets with glass shelves, slide out steps (for kids to reach the sink faucet), drawer organizes, built in vanity speakers for listening to podcasts or music while bathing, and so much more! To help reduce clutter, check out this article on Houzz for more bathroom storage solutions.  Dynan Construction is a cabinetry supplier providing our clients value engineered, quality bathroom vanities that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but sustainable and affordable too. See door samples from both lines of the Traditional and Modern collections in our office showroom.

Countertops: Although this is often a decision made when you've selected your bathroom sink, it isn't prioritized as highly in a remodel because this is more of an aesthetic and budget consideration than it is a functional one. Nonetheless, you should educate yourself on the pros and cons of various materials so you can make a durable selection that works best with your sink and vanity selections.

Lighting and Ventilation: It is important to have a blend of light sources and maximize daylight in your bathroom. Proper lighting in the bathroom will make you feel better about yourself and promote confidence throughout your day. Accent and Ambient lighting both help to create a sanctuary atmosphere, and task lighting illuminates mirrors and other functional areas properly to help you finish your tasks efficiently. Also crucial is a ventilation system to reduce moisture, mold, and mildew and improve indoor air quality. Today's ventilation fans are a vast improvement over old ones:  quieter, more powerful, and more effective. Heat lamps are another way to reduce moisture in your bathroom.

Flooring and Wall Covering: There are a lot of factors to consider when picking out a material for the bathroom floor: price, aesthetic, installation, maintenance, sustainability and more. What works best in the kid's bathroom may be vastly different from that in the powder bath due to less water exposure in the latter. Wanting to install radiant floor heating? Consider ceramic and stone tile, polished and textured concrete, or slate and flagstone. Read up on the pros and cons of the most common bathroom floor coverings (Tile, Vinyl, Stone, Engineered Wood, Cork, Rubber) to decide which selection will work best with your budget and lifestyle. Moisture should be your main concern when choosing a wall covering. Unchecked moisture, both from tub/shower overspray as well as moisture-laden air, is devastating for bathrooms. Even well-vented bathrooms have moisture issues. Consider tile (ceramic, porcelain, or glass), vinyl-coated wallpaper, beadboard, or anti-microbial paint to protect the walls in your bathroom. Tight budget? Prioritize the lower half of the walls, 36"- 38" and below, with the more expensive material of your choosing while covering the top half of the walls with something more basic.

We hope you will consider hiring Dynan Construction Management to help you create a budget, solidify your design, and build the bathroom of your dreams. Our ambition is to manifest your inspired ideas! Call us today for an estimate.


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